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20.6.2019: Wissenschaftliche Politikstipendien

23.6.2019: Viadrina International Program for doctoral candidates (VIP)

  • International doctoral candidates may apply for research and contact stays in 2019 at the European University Viadrina. These fellowships allow international doctoral candidates to get in touch with Viadrina professors for research co-operations or potential doctoral opportunities (e.g. joint degrees and cotutelle agreements).


22.7.2019: Fast Forward Science Schweiz

  • Der mit 20.000€ dotierte deutschsprachige Webvideo-Wettbewerb für die Wissenschaft startet jetzt in eine neue Runde!


1.8.2019: Collaboration with Iranian institutions of higher education

16.8.2019: Summer School in Clinical Investigation - Preventive Trials

11.9.2019: Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual Fellowships

  • Mobility is key to the MSCA fellowships. Therefore, researchers can only apply for a fellowship in a country if they have lived there for less than 12 months in the 3 years prior to the call deadline. Should you plan to apply, EU GrantsAccess can provide substantial support.


8-9.10.2019: LESSON 2019, Department of Geography, UZH

  • Organizers: Dr. Peter Mooney (Dept of Computer Science, Maynooth University, Ireland, Ms. Kiran Zahra (Dept of Geography, University of Zurich). We invite short papers and abstracts in the domain of legal and ethical issues of crowd generated data. Language: English.


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29.5 & 19.6.2019: From Scientist to BioEntrepreneur - Creation of a marketable product

  • Join the 2019 BioEntrepreneurship & Innovation Program, Beginners Module (1 ECTS) to test BioEntrepreneurship as a career option. Successful BioEntrepreneurs will coach PhD students and Postdocs in Life Sciences.


27.6.2019: From Vision 2020 to Future Perspectives: Nanomedicine for Therapy and Diagnostics

4.7.219: Struktur in der Arbeit und Promovieren mit Kind

15.7.2019: 11th International Summer School Spatial and digital epidemiology 2019

  • The course addresses spatial and digital epidemiological approaches to social media data with a focus on urban health. Language: English, ECTS: 3, University of Zurich, August 5-9, 2019


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10.9.2019: Début - First steps in university teaching

News in Research:

Benefits of basic research - SNSF campaign

  • Research with open-ended results is of vital importance to our society. The SNSF is launching a campaign to promote basic research featuring various Instagram posts and a series of animated videos on Youtube.


European funders postpone radical open access to 2021

Best Practice Recommendations for Doctoral Education

Spark supports original research projects (SNF)

  • The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) is closing a gap in its research funding portfolio: its new funding scheme Spark focuses on promising or daring ideas that would otherwise fall between the cracks.


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