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Apply for a GRC Short Grant!


  • Mit Vergabungen von jährlich rund CHF 100'000 aus dem Alumni-Fonds unterstützt UZH Alumni fakultätsübergreifend jedes Jahr gut 50 wissenschaftliche Tagungen und Veranstaltungen, aber auch sportliche, kulturelle oder soziale Projekte, die das universitäre Leben bereichern. Der Vergabeausschuss des Vorstands von UZH Alumni entscheidet vier Mal jährlich über die Anträge.


Call for FAN Applications

  • The University of Zurich Research Talent Development Fund (Fonds zur Förderung des akademischen Nachwuchses, FAN) promotes outstanding, original-thinking young research talent. Applications are open to junior scientists from all faculties.


Excellence Program for PhD Students

  • The Digital Society Initiative (DSI) at UZH pilots a complementary Excellence Program for all prospective and beginning PhD candidates committed to building up, deepening and expanding their digital competences and interdisciplinary skills. Apply now!


Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

Wissenschaftskommunikation für die Gesellschaft – Corona und darüber hinaus

Strategic Partnership UZH - University of Geneva

Strategic Partnership UZH - Freie Universität Berlin

7.8.2020: U21 Graduate Collaborative Research

  • These projects aim to give doctoral candidates a global view of problem-solving and group work, and facilitate cross-cultural working practices. At least 3 U21 member institutions — from at least 2 countries — must be involved in each project; there must be at least one doctoral candidate from each U21 member involved. Candidates can apply for up to US$5,000 per project, limited to 12 months, starting from 1 November 2020. Publically accessible outputs are expected from each project.


13.08.2020: Start of registration: GRC Transferable Skills for PhD candidates

15.8.2020: Dalberg-Preis für transdisziplinäre Nachwuchsforschung

  • Ausgezeichnet werden transdisziplinäre Abschlussarbeiten (Masterarbeiten, Dissertationen, Habilitationen). Bewerbungen bis zum 15. August 2020 an den Senat der Akademie gemeinnütziger Wissenschaften zu Erfurt: Postfach 45 01 22, 99051 Erfurt; Auskünfte und Online-Bewerbungen an unten folgende E-Mail Adressen:


24.8-28.8: «Yes, We're Open! - UZH Summer School on the Fundamentals of Open Data, Research Data Management, and Open Access»

  • Are you unsure what FAIR data is, or how to write a data management plan? Are you wondering about copyright, or how to manage sensitive data properly? Do you want to know more about the various Open Access roads, and how you can avoid predatory journals? Apply for the UZH Summer School on the fundamentals of Open Data, Research Data Management, and Open Access, and navigate Open Science with confidence! The Summer School takes place at the University of Zurich from June 29 to July 3, 2020. A participation fee of CHF 100 will cover materials, meals and snacks as well as three optional dinners. More information can be found on our website.


30.08.2020: Science filmmaking marathon from 29-31 October 2020

  • Working together with professional filmmakers to create a film about your own research: This is made possible by the 4th science filmmaking marathon in Zurich, organized by Graduate Campus in cooperation with the Swiss Science Film Academy. Deadline for applications: 30.08.2020


1.9.2020: Early Postdoc.Mobility

1.9.2020: Doc.Mobility fellowships

1.9.2020: Agora

7.9.2020: Bridge Proof of Concept

30.09.2020: SPIRIT (Rolling call for pre-proposals)

  • SPIRIT facilitates knowledge exchange between Swiss researchers and researchers in selected partner countries of low and middle income. Funding is awarded to research projects with clearly defined goals that are submitted by excellent research consortia from 2 to 4 countries. Researchers from all disciplines can apply for a SPIRIT grant; the topics are chosen by the researchers themselves.


29.10.2020: COST Actions

  • The COST programme (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) aims at facilitating breakthrough scientific developments leading to new concepts and products. COST brings together European researchers, enabling them to jointly develop their own ideas and new initiatives across all science and technology fields through trans-European cooperation. The COST Actions can be joined by researchers and experts linked to institutions in Switzerland, project applications can be submitted to the SNSF:


1.11.2020: Ambizione

  • Ambizione grants are aimed at young researchers from Switzerland and abroad who wish to conduct, manage and lead an independent project at a Swiss higher education institution. Scientists holding non-professorial academic positions at higher education institutions are also eligible to submit an application. An Ambizione grant covers the grantee's salary and the funds needed to carry out the project. The grants are awarded for a maximum of four years.



  • PRIMA grants are aimed at excellent women researchers who show a high potential for obtaining a professorship. PRIMA grantees conduct an independent research project at the level of a group leader with their own team at a Swiss research institution. PRIMA grants cover the grantee's salary and project costs for a five-year period. With this competitive grant, PRIMA grantees can carve out a name for themselves and take the next step up the academic career ladder: a professorship.


31.12.2020: Roman Herzog Forschungspreis Soziale Marktwirtschaft 2021

  • Das Roman Herzog Institut zeichnet Nachwuchswissenschaftler*innen aus, die sich in ihren Dissertationen oder Habilitationen mit ordnungspolitischen Fragestellungen des 21. Jh. auseinandersetzen. Der Preis ist mit EUR 35'000 dotiert.



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Unternehmerische Eintageskurse für UZH-Angehörige

  • Business Tools bietet auch dieses Jahr wieder zahlreiche praxisbezogene Eintageskurse zur Weiterbildung an. Etwa zu wirkungsvoller Kommunikation, effektivem Projektmanagement oder einen Schreibkurs für gutes und flüssiges Schreiben. Die Kurse finden neu online oder zu teilweise zu anderen Terminen statt. UZH-Hochschulangehörige profitieren von vergünstigten Konditionen.


25.8.2020: Green Deal Call - National Online Info Event

  • The Green Deal is the last call in the Horizon 2020 framework programme. It focuses on the priority areas of the European Commission, which will then continue throughout the next Framework Programme, Horizon Europe. The event will hold five sessions to cover the relevant topics of the Green Deal:

    • Energy & Mobility
    • Food, Agriculture & Zero-Pollution
    • Social Sciences and Humanities, Citizen Involvement & Research Infrastructures
    This event takes place 9.00 am – 2.20 pm and is free of charge, but registration is mandatory. More information can be found under the following link:.


14.09.2020: Sign up to compete in the 3MT - Three Minute Thesis Competition (GRC)

  • 3MT is an academic contest of skills and expertise in the arena of science communication. Participants will have three minutes to bring their research across to a general audience. The best presentation (selected by a jury) at the 3MT Competition at the UZH will go on to compete in the international Universitas 21 3MT competition as a video submission, to be judged by an international panel consisting of industry and academic professionals. Only PhD candidates matriculated at UZH can compete. Further information:


29.10. & 5.11.2020: For UZH-instructors who speak English as a foreign language and give courses in English

  • For instructors of UZH who speak English as a foreign language and give courses in English, the workshop Teaching in English (29.10. & 5.11.2020) offers practice and theory on the challenges of this particular teaching situation. Registration is open Junge:


30.11-4.12.2020: U21 ECR Workshop: Modern Slavery, Forced Labour and Human Trafficking

News in Research:

Have you experienced workplace injustice as a researcher?

  • Have you experienced workplace injustice as a researcher? If so, please check out the project led by Professor Nicola Ingram at Manchester Metropolitan University and Professor Emerita Lynn McAlpine. They are looking for participants to share their experiences of injustice in and out of academia via an anonymous online survey. The survey takes 10-15 minutes and is hosted via the project website (link found below), which also contains information about workplace injustice and will be updated over time to include results from this project. Please share with colleagues who may be interested!


GRC Writing Lab

  • The literal fear of a blank page, writing inhibitions and difficulties with the central theme ('roter Faden') can put a strain on the writing process of a research paper or dissertation. Whether you are writing in German or English, the GRC Writing Lab can help you through difficult phases of your PhD and postdoc by helping you to improve your own writing process so that you can continue to work on your texts with pleasure. Further information:


Research-related information on COVID19

EU GrantsAccess website on COVID19

Neuer Open Access Fachverlag «EIZ Publishing»

  • Innovatives Angebot für Forschende der UZH: Produktion und Vertrieb von Open Access E-Books sowie gedruckten Publikationen, Beantragung von SNF-Mitteln, Lektorat und Korrektorat (für JuristInnen).


Härtefallregelung der UZH für Nachwuchsforschende

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