Individual coaching

When can a coaching be helpful?

The doctorate and the post-doctorate can be a particular challenge – especially in its final phase. Resistance to stress and one's frustration tolerance can suddenly drop; people may experience great uncertainty and worry about the next steps. In situations like these, an individual coaching can be helpful.

What can a coaching do?

Coaching is a process-oriented consulting method. Its aim is to closely examine the situation at hand, mobilize the solution potential of the person affected and determine concrete steps of action. Self-reflection and understanding of the current situation are at the center – solutions are developed by the advice seekers themselves. This ensures that the approach and solution path are adequate for the person and situation.

What can’t a coaching do?

Coaching is not a training or qualification event; no finished proposals for action or solutions are presented and no subject-specific advice is given. And especially: coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapeutic or psychiatric counseling or treatment.

If you are in need of coaching

Graduate Campus bears the costs for 3 to 5 coaching sessions over a time period of 6 months at the maximum. The coach will directly charge Graduate Campus for the sessions.

The available means are limited. Besides the eligibility of the problem in hand, first-come-first-serve principle applies.

Graduate Campus collaborates with renowned coaches who are diversely experienced and specialized in the scientific field.

Please contact Claudia Vorheyer