Courses for coordinators

Since 2014, Graduate Campus has been offering courses for the further qualification of coordinators of doctoral programmes at the University of Zurich. The courses are tailored to the needs of the target group and are designed to provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully coordinate their doctoral programme. The thematic focus is discussed within the Network Doctoral Programs and determined based on the demand of the coordinators. Depending on demand, one to two courses are offered per year.

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Courses already held: 

  • Supporting student mental health and well-being, Desiree Dickerson
  • Professionals in Supervision, Mirjam Godskesen 
  • Counselling skills in conflict situations, Michael Bosch 
  • Lateral leadership, Dr. Tobias Heilmann 
  • Facilitation of group processes: Negotiation Techniques & Conflict Prevention, Dagmar Engfer
  • Negotiation techniques, conflict management & facilitation of group processes, Dagmar Engfer
  • Argumentation training for coordinators, Nathalie Primus
  • Effective Argumentation for Coordinators, Tim Korver
  • Conducting difficult conversations: Preventing crises, preventing escalations, Dr. phil. Alba Polo