Fields of Activity

In order to achieve the aims in the area of academic career and institutional development, the Graduate Center focusses on four key aspects:

1. Funding instruments for junior reseachers

Funds for self-organized academic activities

The Graduate Campus promotes the self-organized exchange, cooperation and networking of doctoral candidates, postdoctoral researchers and other researchers, UZH in- and external researchers, as well as emeritus scholars and alumni. For this purpose, a set of funding instruments has been developed to support initiatives of the junior reseachers.

2. Cooperative quality development

Development of a common culture of quality

The establishment of a sustainable and cooperative quality development for the doctoral studies is a key issue for the Graduate Campus. The requirements for this creates a governance structure which involves all stakeholders.  

Promotion of quality development measures

There are grants available with which innovative formats for the assurance and quality of development can be tested and co-financed.

Network Doctoral Programs

Directors and coordinators can exchange best practices through the Network Doctoral Programs (in German). Solutions can thereby be found regarding the concerns of daily business, as well as advancing quality development in general. Academics who wish to establish a doctoral program can find valuable support information here.

3. Educational services and course offerings from one source

Bundled educational services

The Graduate Campus ensures a close connection to the Central Services at UZH, thereby providing a central contact point for those responsible for doctoral where a wide range of questions can be dealt with or contact to the relevant offices can be made.

Courses offerings and other opportunities

The courses offered by the Office for Continuing Education on Transferable Skills are incorporated into the Graduate Campus. Training programs for junior scholars can also be created there. Central university providers of events and workshops for junior scholars can make use of the Graduate Campus platform as well.

Information platform for current and prospective doctoral candidates

The Graduate Campus provides a comprehensive scope of information on its website for wide-ranging questions concerning doctoral studies.

4. Dialogue with the public and politics

The Graduate Campus makes the activities of UZH in terms of academic career development and the accomplishments of doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers more visible. It thereby increases appreciation in the public and political sector for the specific challenges of a research university and for the significance of attractive circumstances for junior reseachers.