FAN 2022

FAN Awardees 2022

Innovative research of tomorrow starts with talented young researchers of today. The FAN Awards are presented annually by the «Fonds zur Förderung des akademischen Nachwuchses». The nomination for the FAN Award takes place at the UZH Graduate Campus, which also hosts the jury meeting and award ceremony.

For their outstanding research work at UZH, three winners will be honored with the FAN Awards and prize money of CHF 5,000 each:

Together with FAN (Fonds zur Förderung des Akademischen Nachwuchses), we congratulate the winners Michael E. Meier, Kira Schmitt and Mascha Schulz on the award!

FAN 2022 Gewinner Michael E. Meier

Michael E. Meier
Senior assistant for constitutional law, administrative law and social security law (chair of Prof. Dr. Thomas Gächter)

University webpage

FAN Award in the field of law and economics for his research on the topic of
«Das Anrechnungsprinzip in der beruflichen Vorsorge»


FAN 2022 Winner Kira Schmitt

Kira Schmitt
PhD at the Institute for Food Safety and Hygiene (PD Dr. Barbara Willi),

Vetsuisse faculty

Dr. Kira Schmitt on LinkedIn

FAN Award in the field of medicine and natural sciences for her research on the topic:
«Antimikrobielle Resistenzen und Infektionsprävention und -kontrolle an der Schnittstelle Mensch-Kleintier-Umwelt: Übertragung, Intervention, Nachverfolgung»


2022 FAN winner Mascha Schulz

Mascha Schulz

Associated researcher at the Department of Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies

FAN Award in the humanities and social sciences for her research on the topic of
«Convoluted Convictions, Partial Positionings: Non-Religion, Secularism, and Party Politics in Sylhet, Bangladesh»



Fotos: Frank Brüderli, pad (Mascha Schulz)


For this year's awards, the following young researchers have been nominated by their respective faculties (in alphabetic order):

Madeleine Geiger (MNF), Ursina Jaeger (PhF), Simon Klingler (MNF), Manuel Nägele (ThF), Cagla Öszoy (MeF), Damiano Pregaldini (WWF), Henning Richter (VSF), Tanja Rothgangl (MeF).