GRC Travel Grant

GRC Travel Grants

Graduate Campus supports the following activities of junior researchers through the competitive GRC Travel Grants:

  • Short research stays at universities or other research institutes
  • Archive or library research, field studies, excavations and similar activities
  • Participation at summer/winter schools

Application requirements

  • The duration of the stay (abroad) comprises a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of two months.
  • The activity is significant for the research and career aims of the applicant.
  • The activity is supported by an academic supervisor at UZH.
  • Confirmation of the purpose and duration of the stay:
    • For visits to universities or other research institutes, an invitation or confirmation (exact dates of stay, availability of a workspace and other general conditions) from the host is to be included.
    • For participation at summer/winter schools, an acceptance letter is to be included.
    • For archive or library research, field studies, excavations and similar activities, a detailed work plan is to be included.
  • All PhD candidates matriculated at UZH as well as postdoctoral researchers at UZH are eligible to apply.

Specific regulations

  • The supporting letter from the academic supervisor at UZH and the confirmation of the purpose and duration of the stay are current and they refer to the GRC Travel Grant application.
  • The supporting letter from the academic supervisor at UZH is signed by this person.
  • The UZH card of the applicant is valid. It is obvious that the applicant is a current PhD candidate or Postdoc at UZH.
  • The applicant is matriculated or employed at UZH after completion of the activity for at least another semester. 
  • The Travel Grant cannot cover two separate journeys to the same location.
  • Only one application per applicant can be submitted to the GRC during a call.
  • It is not possible to submit or to update any information or documents after the deadline.
  • Applications which do not fulfill one or multiple requirements or special regulations will not be considered.

Financial contribution

  • GRC Travel Grants are essentially considered to be matching funds and will generally not be able to cover the total costs of a stay abroad.
  • It is the effective costs that have to be indicated in the application.
  • After completion of the activity an accountability report including expenses is to be send to the Graduate Campus.
  • The funding will be transferred after the GRC Coordination Office has received the accountability report.
  • If the journey cannot be carried out within the funding period for which it was requested, the funds awarded for this period will automatically expire.
  • Overview of the max. possible funding:


                  within Europe     outside Europe
  Sweden, Norway, Denmark,
Finland, UK
Other European countries, incl. Switzerland USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada Other non-European countries
Travel allowance CHF 400 CHF 400 CHF 1000 CHF 1000
Additional living costs / week CHF 300 CHF 200
CHF 300
CHF 200
Minimum amount  CHF 1000 CHF 800 CHF 1600 CHF 1400
Maximum amount  CHF 2800 CHF 2000 CHF 3400 CHF 2600

  • In the event of changes to the project (shortened stay, change of location, change of purpose of stay, etc.), the Board of Directors reserves the right to reduce or cancel the approved funds - depending on the reasons and on the deviation from the original application.

Assessment criteria

  • Quality of the application
  • Meaningful letter of support
  • Informative confirmation of the purpose and duration of the stay
  • Added value of the activity for the career track development and the establishing of a professional network of the applicant
  • Qualification of the applicant
  • Strategic partners of UZH (FU Berlin, HU Berlin, University of Vienna, Kyoto University, Charles University Prag), LERU partner universities and universities of the Universitas 21 are given preference.
  • Considerations on sustainable travel planning. Read more (PDF, 76 KB)
  • First-time applicants of GRC Travel Grants are given preference.

Application documents

Application form (to be filled in online), CV, copy of the UZH card, signed supporting letter from an academic supervisor at UZH, confirmation of the purpose and duration of the stay (for details see above)


Accountability report including expenses and a list of participants is to be submitted to the Graduate Campus within 2 weeks after completion of the activity (a template will be made available).

Awarding process and application deadlines

The head of division of Graduate Campus decides whether an application is approved or not. The decision will be communicated approximately 6 weeks after the respective application deadline.

Application deadlines:

  • 15 April: for activities from 1 July through 31 March of the following year 
  • 15 November: for activities from 1 January through 30 September 


Applications have to be submitted via the online application system: GRC Tool. The calls ends at 23:59 on the application deadline.