Mercator Awardees 2017

We congratulate the awardees!

The Mercator Awards 2017 were presented during the GRC Annual Ceremony on
13 July 2017. Further Information.

Irene Garonna, Department of Geography


"Global dynamics of land surface phenology and its climatic constraints”
Leins Stefan
Dr. Stefan Leins, Department of Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies


"Cockpits of Capitalism: An Ethnography of Financial Analysis"
Mennle Timo
Dr. Timo Mennle, Department of Informatics


"Incentives and Efficiency in Markets without Money"


Nomnierte Mercator Awards 2017

The following junior researchers were also nominated for the Mercator Awards 2017 by their faculties: (from top left to bottom right): Silvia Maier, Philipp Hetmanczyk, Julia Aguade Gorgorio, Patrick Forny, Fabrizio Menardo.