Mercator Awardees 2018

We congratulate the awardees!

The Mercator Awards 2018 will be presented during the GRC Annual Ceremony on
3 July 2018.

Dr. Natalia Arenas-Ramirez

Dr. Natalia Arenas-Ramirez,
Department of Immunology


"Enhanced interleukin-2 based immunotherapy”
Dr. Bruno Caprettini Dr. Bruno Caprettini, Department of Economics


"Structural Change and Agricultural Technology"
Christoph Heilig
Christoph Heilig, Department of Theology


"Apostle vs. Caesar: Is there a "hidden" criticism of the Roman Empire in the letters of Paul?"


Nomnierte Mercator Awards 2018

The following junior researchers were also nominated for the Mercator Awards 2018 by their faculties: (from top left to bottom right): Alex Marzel, Sara Fattinger, Rafael Küng, Veronika Stolbova, Thomas Kurer, Claudia Keller