GRC Schools

The funding line will be discontinued after 15 March 2019.


What are "Graduate Campus Summer and Winter Schools"?

Through the grants for "Graduate Campus Summer and Winter Schools", the Graduate Campus is making the means available for the (co-)funding of summer and winter schools which are organized together by multiple doctoral programs or advisors of doctoral candidates at UZH. The thematic focus of the schools must thereby go beyond a single subject area or discipline and/or faculty. Such a school should be a multiple-day event with a scientific program at which participants are actively involved (e.g. poster presentations or exercises). In addition, junior researchers should be given enough networking opportunities and time for exchange. Networking among researchers is promoted through a collective participation of PhD candidates and postdocs from various fields.

Application requirements

  • Eligible for applications are coordinators of UZH doctoral programs as well as PhD advisors. The involvement of PhD candidates and postdocs as co-applicants is highly welcome.
  • At least two coordinators or advisors from different subject areas must apply together for the grant. Applicants should not be affiliated with the same doctoral program or graduate school nor belong to the same institute.
  • The theme of the school should be of interest to a large group of junior researchers from different departments/disciplines/faculties. The schools should include themes which go beyond the scientific focus of the individual PhD candidate and/or postdoc.
  • A co-financing through other means (e.g. the faculties) is welcome.

What can be funded?

  • Summer and winter schools which take place at either UZH or ETHZ, or an appropriate location outside of Zurich.
  • In general, funds for up to CHF 200 per UZH participant per day (total costs per person and day, including location expenses, accommodation, travel expenses for external speakers and participants) can be applied for. The maximum amount of funding which can be applied for at Graduate Campus is CHF 25'000 per school.
  • Periodic initiatives can be supported maximum of two times. New initiatives  are given preference.

What can the approved means be used for?

  • Expenses of invited external speakers (according to UZH regulations on expenses). For guests from abroad, an intensive involvement of the guest with the activity and the opportunity for all participants to engage with the invited guest is required.
  • Expenses for seminar rooms for events held outside UZH and ETHZ.
  • If necessary, travel expenses, accommodation and meal expenses within a reasonable limit, in case events take place outside of Zurich.
  • Conference materials (invitations, flyers, name tags, etc.)
  • Funding for conference brochures and other printing publications resulting from the activity must be requested separately
  • Conference drinks and snacks, if necessary

What cannot be funded?

  • Summer and winter schools which do not go beyond the subject area focus of a doctoral program, graduate school, or institute.
  • Schools that consist mainly of modules from the area "transferable skills"
  • Salaries, teaching assignments
  • As a general rule, no speaking fees*

* Should speaking fees be absolutely necessary, the fees must be justified in detail in the application. Payment of external speakers must be in accordance with the valid UZH regulations.


  • The support of the Graduate Campus must be made known on all flyers and announcements
  • All interested UZH doctoral candidates and postdocs must be allowed to participate in the activities. Any restricition of the number of participants must be justified in the proposal.
  • Provided there are open spots available, interested, external PhD candidates and/or postdocs may participate, though they should represent at maximum a fourth of the total number of participants.
  • Accounting of bills must go through a UZH cost unit. Funds will be transferred after the completion of the school.
  • Submission of a statement of accounts (a template will be made available) to the Graduate Campus after completion of the activity
  • Report on the completed activity, for example on the website, within the context of the Network Doctoral Programs, or in some cases, at the annual public event of the Graduate Campus


Applications have to be submitted via the online application system:

Last opportunity to apply: 

  • 1 February  - 15 March 2019, 11:59 PM

    The funding line will no longer be available thereafter.


Information for applicants (PDF, 58 KB)

Award process

The Executive Board of the Graduate Campus decides at the request of the allocation commission which proposals are approved.

The awarding of funds is based on the following criteria:

  • Originality of the program and aims of the school
  • Inter- and multi-disciplinary nature of the school
  • Active involvement of the participants into the program
  • Added value for the participants

The approval decision will be communicated circa 8 weeks after the deadline.