Information for coordinators and directors of the doctoral level

The implementation of a sustainable culture of cooperative quality development and assurance at the doctoral level is a focal point of Graduate Campus activities. To this aim, the Graduate Campus has developed different measures and activities:

Network Doctoral Programs

The network is dedicated to questions concerning the development of the doctoral studies as well as the practical tasks of everyday business. It is open to all directors and coordinators of doctoral programs and interested supervisors at UZH. The network meets several times per year in order to discuss and exchange on good practice.

Cooperative Quality Development

The Graduate Campus provides funding for decentralized quality development and assurance that coordinators and directors of UZH doctoral programs as well as the corresponding persons responsible for the General Doctorate can apply for.

Representatives of Program Coordinators in the GRC Boards

Three coordinators represent the doctoral programs in the Extended Board of the Graduate Campus. The participation in these consultative and executive committees allows them to bring in their experiences and to actively contribute to the development of the Graduate Campus.

Graduate Campus Schools

Funding is made available several times a year for Summer and Winter schools in order to promote the cooperation between doctoral programs.

UZH Interfaces

The Graduate Campus ensures a close connection to the UZH Central Services through a single contact point for those responsible for programs in the sense of a one-stop-shop; university-wide issues can be dealt with centrally and contacts made to relevant offices.

Public Outreach

The Graduate Campus website creates a unison appearance for the different doctoral programs and studies at UZH, thus making the multitude of possibilities and overall quality of the individual components more visible.