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Digital Wellbeing

To work from home is challenging. Start the day with having a virtual coffee break. It is motivating as it establishes part of the work routine that existed before and it’s a good place to share informal stories or information. To improve the mood and to have a separation between the end of a workday in the home office and private life, virtual activities such as a Yoga or having a beer with colleagues after working hours may help.

Scientist without a lab

To enlarge the image showed above, see the initial Tweet here. The image was created by Dr Zoe Ayres (@zjayres).

Teaching and Supervision during Corona

For those of you with teaching duties or in a supervisor position, the quarantine provides extra challenges. We will look into resouces that might be helpful.

For a start, here is a great new website from the UZH Center for University Teaching and Learning, the Teaching Tools: https://teachingtools.uzh.ch

Digital Toolbox:   Collection of useful tools for visualizations of any kind.

This is a helpful article on how to show empathy and connect with your students when you are teaching onlineLink to The Chronicle of Higher Education

We also found the approach by this U.S. professor makes a lot of sense: "We cannot just do the same thing online” - see his guidelines for an interrupted semester.

A guide to online supervision
This guide looks at supervising in an online environment, outlines the issues and challenges for supervisors and candidates, and suggests strategies and practices for supervisors to consider when working with candidates engaged in research at a distance. Link to the guide (PDF, 671 KB)