Qualification courses

Graduate Campus courses on transferable skills

Transferable skills increase competence and enhance ability to implement specialist know-how. They support PhD candidates during the dissertation period and prepare doctoral candidates for a future high-level research and professional career.

The Graduate Campus is offering university-wide courses in transferable skills especially designed for doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers. All courses are taught by recognized experts and subject to regular evaluation and development.
Course program and registration

Online course Research Integrity

The online course Research Integrity imparts key principles of good scientific practice and provides an overview of international standards for behavior concerning integrity in the scientific context. The course is in English and is accessible to all doctoral and postdoctoral researchers at UZH via OLAT. For further information and access to OLAT please see here here.

Complete course offering at UZH for junior researchers

In addition to the Graduate Campus courses on transferable skills, other UZH divisions offer various courses for junior researchers. A comprehensive list of all courses for the current semester is available here.