Courses, services and activities for junior researchers at UZH

PhD span

To get an overview on the variety of offers for PhD candidates and postdocs at the University of Zurich, we have created this website with courses, services and advice listed according to the phases of the PhD or early postdoc during which they are most relevant. Of course, many of the offers listed below are equally advantageous and also available during earlier or later phases of the PhD or postdoc. The listing below is only a recommendation.

Preparing for a PhD:

No results available

Beratung zu Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten Doktorat more..

Der nächste Schritt - ein Doktorat more..

Information on non-academic matters more..

Counseling & Support more..

Beratung mit Doktoratsinteressierten more..

Starting a PhD:

No results available

Information before and after arrival more..

Resource-focused stress management more..

Managing conflicts more..

Ethic training for researchers more..

Dealing with authorities more..

Ressourcenorientierte Stressbewältigung more..

Events (health insurance, intercultural workshops) more..

Grüezi "Onboarding" more..

Good Research Practice I " more..

Good Research Practice II more..

Research engagement:

No results available

Design thinking more..

How to give a presentation effectively and persuasively more..

Improvisation skills for researchers more..

Leadership skills for doctoral candidates more..

Narration and storytelling for persuasive academic presentations more..

Negotiating successfully to a win-win result more..

Storyboarding as a research tool more..

Voice training and public speaking skills more..

Publish or perish: Designing research for publication more..

Scientific poster design more..

Scientific writing in the natural sciences and medicine more..

Beratung Vereinbarkeit more..

Temporäre Arbeitsplätze more..

Finanzbeiträge bei (Druckkostenzuschüsse; Tagungs- und Kongressbesuche; Beiträge an Kinderbetreuungsangebote (temporär)) more..

Auftrittskompetenz und Körpersprache more..

Führungskompetenzen für Doktorierende more..

Projektmanagement für Doktorierende more..

Scheitern und Improvisation more..

Überzeugend und kompetent präsentieren - Präs. Training mit Video-Unterstützung more..

Verhandlungs- und Moderationstechniken more..

Wissenschaftliches Schreiben in den Geisteswissenschaften more..

Workshop "Berufsbild Professur" more..

Resilience and well-being in academia more..

Citizen Science Introduction more..

Citizen Science Advanced more..

Career engagement:

No results available

Academic Career Talk more..

Career Empowerment Programm more..

Managing the Transition: Clarifying, designing and presenting your career after the PhD more..

Project design and grant proposal writing more..

Arbeitgeberevents more..

Beratung mit Abbrecher"innen more..

Fit für die Karriere more..

Lange Nacht der Karriere more..

GRC Grants individuelle Personenförderung more..

Pitch your research: Sales training for researchers more..

No funny business? Humor skills for a digital, dispersed, and diverse age more..

Finishing the PhD:

No results available

CV-Check more..

JobHub more..

3MT: How to tell your (research) story in three minutes more..

Beratung zu Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten PostDoc more..

CV Datenbank more..

CV Garage more..

Lohnverhandlungstrainingder Stadt und des Kantons Zürich) more..

VAUZ Takes you out - mit dem RAV more..

Akademischer CV more..

Arbeitszeugnis more..

Kursangebot zu Bewerbungskompetenzen more..

Online-Bewerbungsratgeber more..

Stellenplatform more..

Workshopreihe "Who cares" more..

Wirtschafts-Know-how more..

Präsentationstraining für Grant-Anträge more..

Early postdoc:

No results available

Postdoc MeetUp Infos more..

Beratung bei vermuteter Diskriminierungen aufgrund von Geschlecht, Geschlechtsidentität oder sexueller Orientierung more..

Postdoc-Workshops für Wissenschaftlerinnen (nur für Frauen) more..

Design your data management plan for the SNSF more..

Berufungstraining für Postdocs more..

Project management for postdocs more..

Supervision training for postdocs more..

Fundraising strategies for successful academic careers more..

Lateral leadership skills more..

Proposal writing for postdocs more..