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LERU Doctoral Summer School 2017

Citizen Science – nexus between research and public engagement

Citizen science – the involvement of non-professional scientists in research – is generating broad attention across and beyond the scientific community. Activities range from small-scale local projects, largely with layperson participation, to large-scale international projects, which may involve professional scientists and research institutions. Though laypersons have been actively assisting in scientific discovery to varying degrees for centuries, in our current digital age, citizen science is experiencing a boom thanks to rapidly developing technologies made available to a wider public. Citizen science thrives in an open and transparent environment, and it is widely seen as a cornerstone of a broader open science movement. Citizen science is a phenomenon that is multilayered and comes in many hues. However, many questions remain unanswered, such as legal, ethical, commercial and privacy issues.

The LERU Summer School “Citizen Science – nexus between research and public engagement”, which took place from 9-14 July 2017, addressed these and other related issues concerning citizen science and dealt with the resulting implications for research and science in general. To this aim, participants were able to directly experiment with informal learning and scientific creativity.

About the LERU Doctoral Summer School

The LERU Doctoral Summer School provides doctoral candidates with unique professional and personal development opportunities. By creating an exceptional and truly international, intercultural and interdisciplinary environment, the summer school provides a highly stimulating learning experience which is of long lasting value to the participants’ future careers. The University of Zurich's Graduate Campus was chosen to host this year's LERU Doctoral Summer School.

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