Citizen science excursion or guided city tour on Friday, 14 July

Guided city tour

Learn how a Roman toll point became the city with the highest quality of life and one of the most expensive cities in the world. See the influence of Charles the Great, Vladimir Lenin, Albert Einstein and Marc Chagall on the economic and scientific center of Switzerland. You will discover the power struggles, ruses, money and art that shaped the city. Visit the hidden gems and hear about the legends and life of Zurich.


Citizen science excursion I: StadtWildTiere ("CityWildAnimals")

The city of Zurich is not only a home for humans but also for various wild animals. As they are difficult to spot, we follow their traces and try to find out which animal might have left their marks.


Citizen science excursion II: Raumschiff ("space shuttle") - The Maker-Space for Astronomy

Raumschiff is located in a new intercultural neighbourhood at the outskirts of Zurich. The founders Hanna (science communicator) and André (data scientist) will share the idea behind it and their experiences with it since its opening in 2016 as well as their plans for the future. You will have the opportunity to participate in activities related to their space weather citizen science projects.