Postdoc Meet Up!

Postdoc Meet Up! (For PhD candidates, too.)

This informational event addresses topics of particular interest to postdocs. Feel free to bring your themes to our attention! The meetings offer an opportunity to engage in discussion with the speakers as well as fellow colleagues.

Next Postdoc Meet Up!-event:

  • Postdoc Meet Up! on 16 May 2019 on:
    Open Access, 
    5 pm, UZH City Campus
    More information will follow soon!

Past Postdoc Meet Up! events:

  • 7.3.2019: "European Funding with EU GrantsAccess"
    Keynote talks by Dr. André Wunder, Research Manager at EU GrantsAccess and Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow Caitlyn Collins.

  • 6.12.2018: "Von der Dissertation zum Buch (in German language)"
    The event took place in German language. For information please refer to our German website. Thank you! 

  • 25.10.2018: "Social Media"

    For scientists, social media can be a fantastic medium for promoting their work, networking with colleagues and publicly engaging in debates. However, social media also poses challenging questions about how to engage and present yourself professionally or whether digital exposure can also do harm. Will it eventually become compulsive in order to pursue an academic career?
    The event was organized by the Peer Mentoring Group Career Elixier in cooperation with Graduate Campus. The event took place in English.