On the trail of the justice system I

On the trail of the justice system: Pöschwies correctional facility.

In this three-part series, the three Science Trails follow different stages of the Swiss justice system: custody in a prison (May 14), a court hearing (May 21) and police investigative work (August 20).


What is everyday life like in a correctional facility? What is the purpose of prisons? What is the relationship between punishment and rehabilitation? These and other questions will be answered during a visit to the Pöschwies correctional facility. With 400 places for delinquent men, Pöschwies is the largest closed correctional facility in Switzerland. The prison employs around 260 staff and was opened in 1995 to replace the old Regensdorf prison, which dates back to 1901.

After an introductory talk, the participants of this Science Trail will go on a tour of the prison and then have the opportunity to ask a member of the management questions.