Special: Zürich Playhouse

Theater "About Animals"

On the occasion of the release of the Schauspielhaus Zurich play "About Animals (Über Tiere)" by Elfriede Jelinek on February 20, which deals with sexuality and independence, power, consumption and prostitution, the Graduate Campus presents the research of two doctoral students of the UZH Institute of Law in the form of listening pieces. Nevin Karabayir investigates the legal aspects of human trafficking, Kathrin Heinzl researches prostitution in Swiss criminal law.

During this Science Trail, the participants watched the play "About Animals" in the Schiffbau (duration: 20.15-22.15, without intermission). Afterwards they had the special opportunity to talk about the production with the dramaturge Andreas Karlaganis, as well as the actresses Isabelle Mencke & Lena Schwarz. As an expert on legal issues, Nevin Karabayir took part in the conversation.