3D Crime Scene Visualisation

Virtual search for clues


What were the visibility conditions at the time of the accident? How did the serious accident take place? How large was the perpetrator? Did this object cause the injury?

Using the latest scanning technologies (computer tomography, laser scanning technology, etc.), internal and external body data, event locations and means of committing the crime are recorded and documented. Based on the 3D data, experts from forensic medicine and forensic technology work closely together to carry out 3D reconstructions of the course of events of the crime or accident and thus support the legal processing. Through visualisation in virtual space (virtual reality), experts and representatives of the public prosecutor's office and courts can go to the scene and gain valuable insights. The 3D Centre Zurich, operated by the Institute of Forensic Medicine of the University of Zurich and the Forensic Institute Zurich, provides insight behind the scenes.