Plant Communication

Schwarz-weiss Bild Botanischer Garten
With spectral filtering Dr. Lorenzo Borghi captures the far-red perception of plants.

Plants as sessile beings have to interpret their environment and communicate with it in order to establish successful development strategies. Among other things, plants can perceive far-red light (700-900 nm); it is reflected by leaves and absorbed by water and is invisible to humans. Based on the red/far-red fractions they measure, plants can detect photosynthetic competitors in their environment and find the best path to the light.

At this Science Trail, Dr. Lorenzo Borghi will show participants how plants see, how they communicate above ground, and how he can capture plant vision with his camera.

Afterwards, Dr. Lorenzo Borghi, Christian Gübeli and Prof. Enrico Martinoia will present the ways plants communicate underground at the Institute of Plant Biology.