Annual Ceremony

The Graduate Campus Annual Ceremonies serve as a platform for junior researchers, for networking, and for honoring special commitment.

This years' Ceremony on occasion of Graduate Campups' 10th anniversary took place on 10 May 2022

Topic: Experts
The expert role is currently fraught with tension, e.g. in research on epidemiology, climate change or gender identity. Especially junior researchers have to fight for this position - we will let them speak for themselves at this event.


In our focus will also be award ceremonies for the UZH Mentoring Award and the FAN Awards. The event will be held (mostly) in German language.

UZH Mentoring Award
The newly created UZH Mentoring Award is intended to raise the profile of good mentoring relationships and the promotion of PhD candidates at UZH and honors supervisors of doctoral students at UZH for outstanding mentoring.

FAN Awards
The FAN Awards for Junior Researchers recognize UZH scientists at the advanced doctoral and early postdoctoral levels who are conducting research using interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary approaches or methods on projects of societal relevance for their outstanding scientific achievements.