Annual Ceremony 2016

Annual Ceremony 2016

Mobility – a meaningful end in its own right?

Contemporary academic careers take place in a global arena. To pursue a successful career path in academia, researchers often take on research positions at multiple sites across the globe, especially in their younger years. Travelling for research is widely seen as beneficial: It enriches a scientific career and supports the dynamics of research itself. However, this can take a considerable toll on personal life. This is due to the precarious situation in which junior researchers often take on these changes of location, including fixed-term contracts and modest pay.

The requirement to be active in the international academic arena exerts a lot of pressure on junior researchers – and yet so far it is seldom questioned, or rather, thought about in alternative scenarios. We want to take on this challenge at the 2016 GRC Annual Ceremony!
What skills does one acquire through a stay abroad? Which skills are gained through working in another academic institution?
Which of these competencies are indispensible for various disciplines?
What do institutions of higher learning gain and lose through the mobility of researchers? Who profits to what extent, and who invests?


Panel discussion
Prof. Dr. Beatrice Beck-Schimmer, University and University Hospital Zurich,
Professor for Anesthesiology

Dr. Katharina Dittrich, University of Zurich, Senior Researcher at the Department of Business Administration, GRC Postdoc Representative

Dr. Martina Haug, Swiss National Science Foundation,
Scientific Officer of Careers Division

Dr. Edda Humprecht, University of Zurich, Senior Research and Teaching Associate, Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research

Prof. Dr. Nicolas Martin, University of Zurich,
Mercator Professorship of Modern Indian / South Asian Studies


Chaired by
Michael Chiller-Glaus
Nadine Felix

Presenting of the Mercator Awards 2016
to junior researchers of UZH by Nadine Felix,
Managing Director of Mercator Foundation Switzerland

6 October 2016 at 6.00pm, UZH City Campus, Main Building

This event took place in English language.