Planet Digital

Transdisciplinary projects

Graduate Campus promotes networking between different disciplines and communicates research topics of the University of Zurich to the public. With films, exhibitions and digital productions, we particularly support junior researchers in their dialogue with the public.

In doing so, we can look back on many successful projects: our films, like the recent productions On the River or What really matters, are shown at international festivals. In addition, our exhibitions have left lasting impressions on the public and help foster a dialogue between academia and the public, as seen in Planet Digital at Museum für Gestaltung Zürich or 100 Ways of Thinking at Kunsthalle Zürich.

In the spotlight

Art and Science


This public lecture series will provide expert perspectives on the potential that arises when trouble-makers and problem-solvers work together.


A walk-in wildlife pavilion with camera trap footage from all around the world. First shown in the exhibition "Planet Digital", the video installation will now the travel the world.

11 February - 6 June 2022

More than 20 transdisciplinary teams created new installations for our exhibition about digitalization.


Our other projects

On the River


We create short films for the winners of our FAN Awards in order to support emerging researchers in their dialogue with the public.

100 Ways of Thinking


Our exhibitions help with popularizing research topics of the UZH and fostering interdisciplinary exchange.

... and a lot more