Focus on junior researchers

Market Feelings

Climate change

Markets without money

Citizen Science - Exhibition on Participatory Research

Risky business. How climate change affects the financial world.

How colour can prolong life

Risks and Rewards of the Anytime-Anywhere Internet

Transactions - Manifesta 11 at UZH

Open house day

Foto exhibiton - As part of the Scientifica 2015

Carolin Anders, Biochemist

Gregor Reich, Economist

Audio installation - Love and labor at Schauspielhaus Zurich

Discussion: Fair assessment of academic achievements

Video portraits: Aline Lüthi, lawyer

Photo exhibition

Audio installation about human trafficking and prostitution

Podium discussion at Schauspielhaus Zurich

Promoting junior researchers: are permanent positions a solution?

Drawing attention to the concerns of junior researchers

Video portraits: Michael Raissig, plant scientist

Eyecatcher for junior researchers' projects

Video portraits of Mercator Awardees 2013

Film for the opening ceremony of the Graduate Campus