Assoziation - Kunst: Szene Zürich

What is "Kunst: Szene Zürich 2018"?

"Kunst: Szene Zürich 2018" brings many things together: artists, art outreach representatives, curators from institutions or self-organized spaces, as well as the public.

"Kunst: Szene Zürich 2018" gives artists from Zurich the opportunity to present their work without being judged by a jury. It puts the spotlight on art, testing out new forms of presentation and outreach. 

"Kunst: Szene Zürich 2018" asks how Zurich’s art scene is doing in 2018 – at a time when established models of artistic existence are being radically called into question and new ones are being created.

"Kunst: Szene Zürich 2018" is an experiment. It aims to gather everyone who is curious about art together with those who create it and bring it to the public. It links new connections, asks questions and seeks answers.

Approximately 250 participating artists and collectives will present their work at exhibitions or other experimental forms of display at many guest spacesthroughout the city. The exhibitions will be accompanied by a variety of events on current topics that are affecting the Zurich art world. "Kunst: Szene Zürich 2018" is organized by Kultur Stadt Zürich in collaboration with many institutions and self-organized art spaces. 

"Assoziation" -

The University of Zurich as a guest location

Anyone entering the University of Zurich through the main entrance is attracted by the light in the middle of the building. The Lichthof, with its enormous dimensions, was designed by architect Karl Moser as an exhibition venue. For decades, the archaeological collection filled this room with works from the past. 

UZH staff and students, visitors and tourists  Mitarbeitende, Besucher*innen und Tourist*innen go between Pippilotti Rist's chaise longue, paintings, marble columns, voices, chairs, sculptures and reliefs of the Parthenon. It forms not only the spatial centre, but also a social centre of the University of Zurich and is a very popular exhibition venue. Contributions from all directions of art and science found their way under the large glass roof. A large parallel event also took place here for the Manifesta 11.

The size and vibrancy of the Lichthof are an invitation to new uses. There are innumerable possibilities to give artists the opportunity to create space.

During the "Kunst: Szene Zürich", UZH is a guest location for the exhibition of 8 artists:


Dina Bha Idden (Website)

Silvia Demuth (Website)

Alice Heri

Sarah Parsons (Website)

Nadja Ullmann (Website)

Selina Zürrer (Website)

Fritz Wüest (Website)

Anselm Wüest (Website)

The exhibition brings 8 artists from Zurich together who have been selected for the University of Zurich by the jury of "Kunst: Szene Zürich 2018". This synopsis in the Lichthof, the center of the university, almost automatically evokes a chain of associations linking art and science. 

"Assoziation" is a fundamental method of art to develop new questions and procedures. The person of the artist becomes a resonant body for current themes.

Visitors, students, researchers and guests of the University of Zurich are invited to test this method of association and to react to the artistic works.

Join in and continue the chain of associations and react to the artistic works. Be it a thought connection with a lecture, a suitable passage from the current book or a thought-provoking impulse from a recent conversation; chains of ideas as short texts, pictures, videos or other formats are welcome.

Post your "Assoziation" (association) directly on  www.facebook.com/unizuerich/ or send us an email at sciencefestival@grc.uzh.ch. We look forward to your flashes of thought!


A first example:

the association of Camille Schneiter (Essay «Wissenschaft durch Kunst) (PDF, 748 KB)



University of Zurich, main building, Rämistr. 71, 8006 Zurich

Lichthof, KOL-D-49

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