Employment at UZH

Various types of academic employment opportunities at UZH are open to junior scholars. During doctoral study, you can find employment as a “PhD candidate” or an “academic assistant”; postdocs receive positions as “postdocs” or ”senior research and teaching assistants”. These junior academic positions are an integral part of the procedure when pursuing an academic career.

Junior academic positions

Junior academic positions are by nature temporary and are funded either by the university department in question or by a third party. Junior academic positions give young scholars the opportunity to achieve their next professional goal and to further qualify themselves for a career in academia. The main requirement for earning the necessary academic qualifications is performing individual research, but junior researchers are also given the opportunity to qualify themselves for teaching roles.

Rights and duties

In 2003 the guidelines for specifications at UZH faculties for employees holding junior academic positions (in German) were issued to define the rights and duties of UZH employees in junior academic positions. Among other things, the guidelines stipulate that at least 40% of a junior scholar's time be reserved for research, and that regular progress meetings take place.

Employees with the status of a junior academic receive individual specifications which refer explicitly to their job description. If no individual specifications are agreed upon, the guidelines for specifications at the faculty in question is valid. Please see the compilation of UZH legal documents (in German).