Take a look at our recently published annual report!

Eberle, Weber: Blink, 2018. Foto: Goran Basic

Elisabeth Eberle und Konrad Weber: Blink, Double Videoloop, 5’14’’, 2018. Foto: Goran Basic

Creativity in science – this was the focus of GRC in the year under review. The flagship project of 2018 was 100 Ways of Thinking. University of Zurich at Kunsthalle, which was organized together with Kunsthalle Zürich and made possible by Stiftung Mercator Schweiz. By interlinking an exhibition and a science festival in a renowned institution for contemporary art, GRC created an innovative format to promote dialogue with the public, but also within the university.

For groundbreaking science creative freedom is important, and communication among researchers can hinder or promote creativity. GRC made this the theme of its  Annual Ceremony. Communicating complex research methods and results to a general audience was practiced at the first U21 3MT (Universitas 21Three Minute Thesis) competition at UZH.

In the year under review, GRC further finalized the best practice recommendations for the doctoral level at UZH after broad consultation. They are available in printed form and online.

The engagement of GRC also proved to have international appeal. At the beginning of 2018, for example, the Citizen Science exhibition moved to three locations in India, and the film about Mercator prize winner Irena Garonna was shown at the Goethe Institute's Science Film Festival in Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda and
South Africa.

The annual report 2018 can be downloaded here (PDF, 4 MB).