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Postdocs: Registration is now open through our registration form.

PhD candidates: Registration starts 17.01.24 (module booking).

Conditions of Participation



  • Graduate Campus courses are aimed solely at doctoral and postdoctoral researchers and senior teaching and research assistants at the University of Zurich.
  • The status as a PhD candidate and/or postdoctoral researcher and/or senior teaching and research assistant at UZH will be verified.
  • The registration is binding and it is necessary to participate in the entire course. A confirmation of participation can only be given to those who participate in all course sessions.
  • If there is an insufficient number of participants, Graduate Campus reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course.


  • Before the first day of a course: If an excuse is submitted without being prompted by email (, Graduate Campus will cancel your booking.
  • An unexcused absence (so-called "no-show") leads to a lost course place and takes the place of another participant and is therefore prohibited.
  • In either case, a verbal and/or written cancellation sent only to the instructor is not sufficient.

Assessment (PhD)

  • Each course has an assessment requirement that must be fulfilled (e.g. presentation or written assignment), regardless of whether an ECTS credit is needed. Complete participation is also a part of this assessment. 

ECTS credits (PhD)

  • An ECTS credit can only be be awarded upon successful course completion. 
  • Concerning the number and allocation of ECTS credits, the following rules apply:
    • A course consists of a workload of 1 ECTS credits, i.e. 30 hours, including independent study and course participation.
    • Each course has an assessment requirement which must be fulfilled.
    • Attendance of all course sessions (complete participation).
  • The individual faculties decide whether or not academic achievements can be considered a curricular element of your doctoral studies. Course participants are not automatically entitled to have a completed course recognized or considered as a part of their doctoral studies. For this reason, doctoral candidates are strongly encouraged to determine whether or not a course is recognized as a part of their doctoral studies before registering for a university-wide course. Ideally, the PhD candidate should discuss whether the recognition of courses with the respective supervisor before booking a course.
  • Academic achievements are recognized as such if the ECTS credits earned appear on the transcript of records.

Courses in cooperation with the School for Transdisciplinary Studies
Please note that the deadlines for modules of the School for Transdisciplinary Studies (STS) may differ. The booking and cancellation deadlines for STS modules can be found in the course catalogue under the respective module under "School for Transdisciplinary Studies".


Course Instructor Language Dates Open to

Profession und Expertise im Kontext der Lehrer:innenbildung (Extern: PHZH)

Doreen Flick-Holtsch, Ulrich Halbheer German 12.01.24, 13.01.24 Postdocs & PhDs
Grant writing workshop for postdocs FULLY BOOKED Ingo Hebach English 27.02.24, 28.02.24 Postdocs
Project management for PhD candidates FULLY BOOKED   Carine Galli Marxer English 29.02.24, 01.03.24 PhDs
Wirtschafts-Know-how  AUSGEBUCHT Martin Lutzenberger German 04.03.24, 18.03.24 PhDs
Mindfulness & meditation  FULLY BOOKED Annika Martin English 06.03.24, 13.03.24 Postdocs & PhDs

Project management for postdocs FULLY BOOKED

Sandra Dierig   English 18.04.24, 19.04.24 Postdocs

Dealing confidently with adversity  AUSGEBUCHT

Alba Polo   English 24.04.24, 02.05.24 Postdocs & PhDs

Fit für die Karriere  AUSGEBUCHT

Roger Gfrörer   German 03.05.24, 24.05.24 PhDs

Berufungstraining für Postdocs AUSGEBUCHT

Margarete Hubrath   German 16.5., 17.5. Postdocs
Resilience and well-being in academia FULLY BOOKED Desiree Dickerson  English 27.5.24, 28.5.24 Postdocs & PhDs

Resource-focused stress management FULLY BOOKED

Pearl La Marca-Ghaemmaghami   English 03.06.24, 10.06.24 Postdocs & PhDs

Entrepreneurial skills: Facilitating collaborative innovation   FULLY BOOKED

Silvia Maier    English 12.06.24, 26.06.24 Postdocs & PhDs 

Grant writing workshop for postdocs  FULLY BOOKED

Nicolas Schulthess English 14.06.24, 21.06.24 Postdocs


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