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Jahresveranstaltung 2020

Academic Authorship - how does the „Publish or Perish“ mantra shape our understanding of authorship? The discussion at the Graduate Campus Annual Ceremony was held in English language.


Program September 2020

The discussion took place with:

  • Dr. Alba Polo (psychoanalyst and author of micro fiction)
  • Justus Rathmann (research assistant at UZH Institute of Sociology)
  • Prof. Dr. Monica Zwicky (ombudsperson MNF, UZH).

Chaired by Dr. Vera Eichenauer, postdoctoral researcher in economics, Swiss Economic Institute KOF, ETH Zurich.


Alba Polo
Dr. Alba Polo 
Psychoanalyst and author of micro fiction


Justus Rathmann
Justus Rathmann 
Research assistant at UZH Institute of Sociology


Prof. Dr. Monica Zwicky Prof. Dr. Monica Zwicky
Ombudsperson MNF, UZH


(Guidelines by the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences, available in German & English)

Discussion at the Annual Ceremony 2020 about academic authorship