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FAN Awardees 2021

The FAN Awards 2021 were held as part of the Mittelbaufest 2022

Minxia Luo


Minxia Luo

Department of Psychology and URPP Dynamics of Healthy Aging

University webpage

FAN-Award for the work on: "Cognitive Aging and Language Complexity: Variations Across Interlocutors as Contexts in the Real World"

Video «Language Complexity and Aging»

Angela Müller

Angela Müller

Institute of Law

FAN-Award for the work on: "States, Human Rights, and Distant Strangers: The Normative Justification of Extraterritorial Obligations in Human Rights Law"

Fabian Voigt


Fabian Voigt

Brain Research Institute

FAN-Award for the work on: "The mesoSPIM initiative: open-source light-sheet microscopes for imaging in cleared tissue"
Project webpage

Photo credit: Claude Gasser


The following junior researchers were also nominated for the FAN Awards 2021 by their faculties (in alphabetical order): Lisa Grad, Daniel Maier, Tabea Palmtag, Maria J. Pouri, Zeno Raveane, Stefano Ramelli, Aline Steiner.

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