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Graduate Campus

Mercator Awardees 2013

Martin Brenncke, Faculty of Law

"Manipulative Vertriebsmaterialien im Finanzsektor: Notwendigkeit einer Regulierung?"
Rico Sennrich, Faculty of Arts

"Domain-specific Statistical Machine Translation"
Thomas Wälchli, Faculty of Medicine

"Angiogenesis and the neurovascular link"


The following persons have been nominated for the Mercator Awards by their faculties:

Jitin Bali, Bruna de Andrade Pereira, Simona Alba Grano, Patrick Haack,
Anne-Kathrin Lück, Michael T. Raissig, Florian Rosenthal, Silvia Teuber,
Cameron D. Wagg.

We are very grateful to the Mercator Switzerland Foundation for its commitment.