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Graduate Campus

Mercator Awardees 2018

The Mercator Awards 2018 were held as part of the GRC annual event. We are very grateful to the Mercator Switzerland Foundation for its commitment.


Dr. Natalia Arenas-Ramirez

Dr. Natalia Arenas-Ramirez,
Department of Immunology


"Enhanced interleukin-2 based immunotherapy”
Dr. Bruno Caprettini Dr. Bruno Caprettini, Department of Economics


"Structural Change and Agricultural Technology"
Christoph Heilig
Christoph Heilig, Department of Theology


"Apostle vs. Caesar: Is there a "hidden" criticism of the Roman Empire in the letters of Paul?"


The following junior researchers were also nominated for the Mercator Awards 2018 by their faculties: (from top left to bottom right): Alex Marzel, Sara Fattinger, Rafael Küng, Veronika Stolbova, Thomas Kurer, Claudia Keller