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Graduate Campus

Our code of conduct

Definition of eligibility to apply (Eligibility)

  • «Postdocs» are all junior researchers employed at or affiliated with UZH who have completed a doctorate and are also engaged in research after the doctorate and at the time of application. 
  • «Advanced doctoral candidates» are all doctoral candidates/researchers employed or enrolled at UZH who can credibly demonstrate that they are on a plausible academic career path to the postdoc phase as defined above.

Mission statement

GRC funding supports postdocs and advanced doctoral candidates in situations where unforeseen costs or structural obstacles impede a promising academic career. Junior research funding cannot be separated from the careers of postdocs and advanced doctoral candidates. Therefore, we complement existing funding options to include:


GRC grants are intended to complement existing UZH research funding measures. This mandate includes, but is not limited to:  

  • Our calls are rolling or multiple times per year.
  • Our activities are individualized and consultative.
  • Our funds include smaller amounts focused on costs and time periods that may fall through the cracks of other funding instruments.
  • We offer the ability to mitigate sudden or unforeseen challenges for advanced early career researchers.