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Best Practice for Doctoral Education

The guideline shows ways and possibilities to strengthen the quality, attractivity and internationalization of the doctorate at UZH. It is aimed at all those who are involved in shaping the doctoral level in a position of responsibility and at early career researchers.

UZH is committed to targeted funding measures so that ealry career researchers can develop into independent, creative, critical researchers at an early stage. The following best practice recommendations are designed to achieve this goal. They are based on the experience and practice of doctoral programs at UZH, on the various policy papers adopted by the EUA and LERU on doctoral education, as well as on the results of institutional exchanges within the framework of the LERU Doctoral Studies Community and the corresponding Universitas 21 network. Relevant specialist literature has also been consulted.

The recommendations refer to quality aspects of general validity and leave sufficient room for the consideration of technical and cultural aspects. The respective ordinance of the faculties on obtaining a doctoral degree is legally binding.

Best-Practice Guide (PDF, 954 KB)
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Table of contents

1. Recruiting doctoral candidates

2. Supervision
3. Supervision agreement
4. Doctoral programs and graduate schools
5. Culture of quality
6. Evaluation of the dissertation
7. Funding and employment
8. Mentoring and career development