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Graduate Campus

Exploring AI for Science Communication


This new workshop is designed to introduce attendees to the exciting world of AI and its potential for enhancing creativity in writing and communication science. The aim is to provide hands-on experience in using AI tools and techniques to boost writing productivity, generate new ideas, and test new forms of science communication.

The workshop is suitable for anyone interested in using technology to enhance their creative processes and testing new tools. No prior experience is required, as the class also teaches the basics of science communication. Please bring a computer, as well as a running version of chatGPT-4.

Course objectives •    Catch up with the most recent AI tools 
•    Create and generate different kinds of content with AI 
•    Expand your creativity and explore new possibilities of science communication
•    Learn the basics of science communication
Instructor Mirko Bischofberger, Science Studios GmbH
Target participants Early career researchers of all disciplines
Dates 14 May 2024 9:00 - 17:00
15 May 2024 9:00 - 17:00
Location RAA-E-30
ECTS credit (PhD) 1 ECTS credit (has to be recognized by your faculty)