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Do you need conflict counseling?

If you have any conflicts or problems with your supervisor during the doctoral program, UZH offers different contact points that you can refer to: The directors and coordinators of doctoral programs or graduate schools could serve as a first point of contact. In addition to these specific posts, the GRC provides conflict counseling sessions.

Specific contact persons are available at the faculties for doctoral candidates in case of conflicts:

Early career researcher can also turn to the following advisory services and contact persons in case of conflicts and problems:

Central contact points

Employee Assistance Office (also for external PhD candidates)


Psychological Counseling (for PhD candidates)

Psychological Counseling Services UZH / ETH
Association of Junior Researchers of the University of Zurich UZH VAUZ
Contact persons for scientific misconduct  UZH Research Integrity

Contact persons in case of sexual harassment

UZH Protection Against Sexual Harassment
General platform for working conditions, advisory services, family center etc. at UZH health@UZH

If you have any conflicts or problems concerning your doctorate, we recommend to act early on. It is worthwhile to get support promptly in stressful situations.

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New employment regualtions

New regulations of rights and responsibilities include provisions on employment for postdocs as well as senior teaching and research assistants. They will come into effect on January 1, 2024.