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Graduate Campus

Mercator Awardees 2015

The Mercator Awards 2015 were held as part of the GRC annual event. We are very grateful to the Mercator Switzerland Foundation for its commitment.


Carolin Anders, Department of Biochemistry


"Biochemical and structural insights into the mechanism and function of Cas9 protein – Towards application in genome engineering"


Dr. Simone Pfenninger, English Department


"Beyond age effects – Facets, facts and factors of foreign language instruction in Switzerland"


Dr. Gregor Reich, Department of Business Administration


"Flexible Estimation Methods for Dynamic Discrete Choice Models"

Short films about research projects

The research projects of this year’s Mercator Award winners were presented in the form of entertaining short films at the GRC Annual Ceremony. They have been published as part of the NZZ Campus Video-Cast series and can be viewed here.

Further information

This UZH Online article describes how Carolin Anders, Assistant Professor Martin Jinek, Ole Niewöhner und Alessia Dürst succesfully work together as a research team.


The following junior researchers have been nominated for the Mercator Awards 2015 by their faculties: Lea Cassar, Sonja Keller, Juliane Lischka, Laura Marschner, Flavia Maria Wehrle.