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Graduate Campus

Mercator Awardees 2019

The Mercator Awards 2019 were held as part of the GRC annual event. We are very grateful to the Mercator Switzerland Foundation for its commitment.


Dr. Alessia Dedual
Dr. Alessia Dedual, Institute of Law


"Geltungserhaltende Reduktion. Richterliche Ersatzregelbildung im schweizerischen Vertragsrecht”

See the film


Federico Teloni
Federico Teloni, Department of Molecular Mechanisms of Disease


"Defining cancer-specific alterations in genome integrity maintenance"
Barbara Zeugin Barbara Zeugin, Department of Religious Studies


"Selbstermächtigung am Lebensende: eine religionswissenschaftliche Untersuchung alternativer Sterbebegleitung in der Schweiz"

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Special price of the jury


Frank Schindler
Frank Schindler, Department of Physics


"Higher-order topological insulators"

Frank Schindler will receive a special award for his impressive performance at the beginning of his scientific career. The members of the jury have decided on this extraordinary procedure in order to recognize his achievements in the context of his dissertation.



Nomnierte Mercator Awards 2019

The following junior researchers were also nominated for the Mercator Awards 2019 by their faculties: (from top left to bottom right): Annina Vögeli, Kathrin de Greiff, Michael Ribers, Katharina Kusejko, Dominik Wrona, Kai Gehring, Lena Kaufmann, Manuela Brunner