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FAQ Travel Grants – how to apply for a grant and manage the transaction

Before applying

Can I apply for more than one grant at a time?

Applications to GRC Travel Grants are limited to one per funding period and call. However, it is possible to apply for other funding instruments from GRC at the same time.

Does the Travel Grant cover attendance fees ?

No, GRC Travel Grants cannot be used to cover attendance fees. However, you may apply for a GRC Short Grant in cases where the fees are linked to operational costs of your research project.

Can several people submit a joint application?

 No, we ask you to apply in separate applications each. However, you can refer to the connection to other applications and possible synergies in your application.

Can I still apply after the deadline in justified cases?

No, the application deadlines are strict. If you were not able to meet the deadline, please check other funding options such as the VAUZ Conference Fund.

Can I hold a grant even though I already graduated?

No, except for cases where you will stay wit UZH as a Postdoc after having graduated. In this case, please include some confirmation from your supervisor with regards to your continued affiliation with UZH.

What should the invitation or confirmation from the host entail ?

The confirmation of the host should describe your planned research activity in a few sentences.

What can I upload in case where I have no confirmation yet?

Please, provide some proof regarding your intended activity (correspondence, calls, program) and make sure to make explicit and explain your circumstances in the application.

Who should write my recommendation letter?

Your recommendation letter can be provided by your official supervisor or any academic that can vouch for your academic credentials in terms of your institutional affiliation, your research and your individual academic profile. 

I have several sources of funding for my activity. Where can I attach the global budget to the application?

Please attach your global budget as a PDF to one of the other uploads and add a short remark in the GRC-Tool under  "Relevance of the activity for your research".

Is a research plan compulsory and where do I upload it?

In case of archival or field research travel a research plan is compulsory. You can upload the respective document via the GRC Tool’s upload-button for host invitations. In cases where you can also produce an invitation of your host institutions, please upload them together with the research plan as one PDF.

Does a GRC Grant interfere with my salary at UZH?

No, the two payments are completely independent of each other.

How long does it take for funding decisions to be announced?

Decisions will be communicated no later than 8 weeks after submission.

With grant, after the activity

Can the start date of the activity be changed after submission?

Postponing the activity may be possible if the journey still remains within the respective funding period. All relevant changes in travel plans must be communicated to the GRC without delay and are subject to approval.

What receipts do I need to submit?

For reporting purposes, receipts in at least the amount of the grant awarded or the global budget must be kept. You can submit receipts of travel costs, accommodation costs and, if the budget is thereby not yet exhausted, expenses. If less is spent than the amount spoken for, the grant may be reduced.

What if I cannot pay in advance for my travel?

We ask you to get in touch with your supervisor or institute to find a solution. In many cases, money has been advanced by the young researcher’s institute to be paid back once the applicant was reimbursed by the GRC. 

Can the sums of the different allowances deviate from budget?

Yes. An overall budget is allocated for the Travel Grant. Individual items such as travel expenses may deviate from the planned distribution if the total budget remains the same. If less is spent than the amount spoken for, the grant may be reduced.

When will I receive my money?

Your accountability report will first be reviewed by the GRC. Once the report is accepted, the transfer of funds by UZH can take up to 5 weeks.

How to submit the report after the activity is finished?

In the GRC Tool, an activity report and a financial report will be displayed after you received the Decision Letter. You have also received the financial report (payment order) with the confirmation email. Keep all expense receipts pertaining to the activity. Please submit all reports in the tool and upload the expense receipts there as well.

What should I fill in the expense form?

You received instructions on how to fill out the expense form with your confirmation email. Please, make sure to only fill in the exact amount from your Decision Letter. Do not list individual items in the expense order, only indicate the total amount of the grant. In addition to the payment order, submit your expense receipts in the GRC Tool.