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3. Supervision agreement

Clearly defined responsibilities and duties act as guidelines during the doctoral training

  • At the beginning of the doctorate, the doctoral candidate and the members of the supervising team conclude a supervision agreement. A copy of the agreement is sent to the relevant faculty and/or program coordinator. In addition to the tasks, rights and duties of the involved parties, the following points should be defined in the agreement:
    • topic and procedure of the dissertation work
    • type of dissertation (monograph or cumulative dissertation)
    • time frame
    • milestones
    • scope of supervision and matching of mutual expectations
    • required curricular achievements
    • planned tasks in teaching, in accordance with the applicable ou tline of rights and responsibilities
    • frequency of meetings of the supervising team
    • frequency of progress reports and agreement on timely feedback
    • commitment to good scientific practice.
  • The supervision agreement is reviewed and updated at least once a year in a joint discussion. It shall be sent to the program coordinator and/or the respective faculty office. These offices regularly monitor the timely submission of the updated supervision agreement.
    • Practice at Lund University: “In Sweden it is mandatory according to the Higher Education Ordinance act to ensure that an individual study plan is made for each doctoral candidate. This plan shall contain the undertakings made by the candidate and the higher education institution and a timetable for the doctoral candidate’s studies. [...] The individual study plan is reviewed regularly” (LERU 2016: 13).
  • Doctoral candidates generally participate in teaching on Bachelor and Master level. The maximum number of invested hours is specified in the supervision agreement and is in accordance with the individual or general outline of rights and responsibilities.

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I wish for more time & space for exchange with fellow researchers from other subject areas (PhD candidate).

I wish for more time & space for exchange with fellow researchers from other subject areas (PhD candidate)