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Graduate Campus

5. Culture of quality

Evaluation and consultation strengthen quality culture

  • Doctoral candidates and supervisors regularly evaluate the program and the supervisory situation.

  • Doctoral programs and graduate schools are regularly evaluated by external, independent experts. Funding from the Quality Assurance and Development funding line can be applied for through the Graduate Campus.
    • Practice at the University of Auckland: “All doctoral students are encouraged to complete the exit survey on submission of their thesis; (...). The process of surveying students facilitates closer examination of the student - supervisor working relationship and the student’s perception of their supervision experience” (Carton n.d.: 5).
  • Faculties ensure that there are suitable contact points for doctoral candidates and supervisors in cases of conflict. UZH has an independent counseling and mediation office.

  • Graduate Campus provides information on the various contact points.

  • Graduate Campus offers low-threshold support for PhD candidates and postdocs.
    • There should be „(...) clearly specified procedures for students to change supervisor within the department” (Delamont et al. 2004: 187).
    • Practice at KU Leuven: “(...) both advisor and student are asked at several moments during the doctorate to fill out a short survey about the PhD-advisor relation. If problems are identified, the ombudsperson will contact the student proactively” (LERU 2016: 15-16).

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I would like for my research to reach a wider public audience (PhD candidate)

I would like for my research to reach a wider public audience (PhD candidate)