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Grant Writing


What makes a competitive research proposal?  Conducting research and generating new knowledge is an intrinsically motivated process. However, this is not enough to attract any funds to implement a research project. There are organizations whose sole purpose and mission it is to fund research and innovation. Winning such funds is a key task for researchers and a seal of quality for institutions of higher education. Today, writing, and winning research grants is an integral part of academic positions.

While the number of applicants and the quality requirements constantly increase, public R&I investment is being cut back. What is more, keeping up with ever more complex regulations requires ever more intense institutional compliance efforts.

Objectives Excellence, Quality and Efficiency of Implementation, Impact.
What do these terms mean and why do some proposals get funding while others do not? What are evaluators looking for in a research proposal, and how do we sell our ideas on paper?
Starting with most important funding organizations (focusing on SNSF, EU and Innosuisse), participants will learn about the different components of a good proposal. They will learn about evaluation criteria, reasons why proposals get rejected, good practice (and beyond), ethics, project budgets, work packages, project partners, impact and other success criteria that make a strong proposal.
Participants bring their own project ideas to the course.

Nicolas Schulthess

Target participants Postdoctoral researchers of all disciplines

14 June 2024 9:00 - 17:30h
21 June 2024  9:00 - 17:30h

Location RAA-E-30