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Apply for a GRC Travel Grant

What are GRC Travel Grants?

Through travel grants, UZH Graduate Campus supports postdocs and doctoral researchers of UZH in situations where academic mobility can make a decisive contribution to a promising academic career. The support is explicitly intended as a supplement to the existing measures of UZH.

The possible time frame of the funded activities is between 1 and 180 days. Calls for proposals are held twice a year.

These FAQ may be helpful before completing an application.

Funding deadlines and award process

GRC Travel Grants are announced twice a year. Application periods are:

  • 1 March - 15 April, 11:59 p.m., for stays in the period between July of the current year and March of the following year.
  • 1 October - 15 November, 11:59 p.m., for stays in the period between January and October of the following year.

Important notice: The submission window is limited to 100 applications and closes automatically after the count of 100 submissions is reached. The current status of the count can be checked on the GRC Tool.

The GRC Coordination Office decides on the approval of the applications. The decision will be communicated no later than 8 weeks after submission of the application.

What can be funded?

  • Field study / data collection
  • Research
  • Academic meetings / conferences
  • Summer / Winter schools
  • Research stay
  • Research exchange with industry

The core aim of the GRC Short Grants is an added value of the activity for the individual academic career of the grantee and socially sustainable project planning. Please follow our instructions in the GRC Sustainability Guidelines for the effective design of your application.

Who can submit an application?

All advanced doctoral researchers and postdoctoral researchers at UZH. Postdocs are all junior researchers employed at or affiliated with UZH who have completed a doctorate and are also engaged in research after the doctorate and at the time of application. Advanced doctoral researchers are all doctoral researchers employed or enrolled at UZH who can credibly demonstrate that they are on a plausible academic career path to the postdoctoral phase as defined above.

What costs can be applied for?

Please follow the instructions of our Guidelines for sustainable travel planning for the effective design of your application.

The possible application amount is between CHF 115 and CHF 4,900. The amount awarded consists of a travel grant depending on the country of the activity and a daily allowance, which depends on the duration of the activity.

The amount that can be requested is automatically calculated by the GRC Tool during the application process based on the following criteria:

Travel allowance + per diem = Applicable amount

Travel allowance:      
  • Travel in Switzerland: 100 CHF
  • Nearby European countries: 500 CHF
  • Other countries: 1'000 CHF
Daily allowance:    
  • 1st - 60th day: 20 CHF per day
  •  61st - 120th day: 30 CHF per day
  •  121st - 180th day: 15 CHF per day      

GRC Travel Grants may be applied for as matching funds. As a rule, applicants are required to be transparent about all sources of funding for the proposed activity. A global budget that clearly puts into context the funds requested from GRC must be included.

Steps for submitting the application

Applications for GRC Travel Grants must be submitted digitally. You can enter and submit your application in the GRC Tool. The information provided can be saved at any time and completed at a later date. You must include the following documents with your application:

  • Invitation or confirmation from the host
  • Scan of your validated UZH Card
  • Academic letter of recommendation
  • Academic CV

Only applications that are complete and received in a regular manner can be accepted for formal review.

Evaluation criteria

  • Added value of the activity for the academic career of the researchers.
  • Sustainability of the activity regarding the aspects of ecology, social responsibility, and planning of the academic career (see our factsheet on the GRC Sustainabilty Guidelines)

Financial processing and reporting

An accountability report must be submitted no later than 2 weeks after completion of the activity. Accountability reports for GRC Travel Grants must be submitted digitally. You can enter and submit your accountability report in the GRC Tool. The information provided can be cached at any time and completed at a later date. All necessary documents for the submission of your report can be found directly in the GRC Tool as soon as you open your report there.

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Please consult  theFAQ before contacting us. It currently takes up to two weeks to answer new questions.

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Application periods 

15 April:
for activities from 1 July through 31 March of the following year

15 November:
for activities from 1 January through 30 September